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Ryan P. Randall

Instruction & Outreach Librarian at the College of Western Idaho ∴ Literary, media & cultural studies ∴ Web Editor at In the Library with the Lead Pipe ∴ Sous les pavés, la plage ∴ We are, as always, stubborn, stoked, and petrified - GY!BE

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About Me

As the Instruction and Outreach Librarian for the College of Western Idaho, I'm working with students, faculty, and other librarians to help promote critical information literacy and library use, both physical and online.

Prior to librarianship, I picked up an MA in English from the University of California, Riverside and an MA in Visual and Cultural Studies from the University of Rochester. While a humanities graduate student, then as an adjunct, I taught what librarians call information literacy skills as the instructor for many first-year writing seminar courses and lower-division American Studies and Film/Media courses. I have also been a college writing tutor for undergraduate and graduate students. The path of librarianship took me to IU Bloomington's MLS program, where my favorite courses emphasized critical information literacy, humanities subject librarianship, and digital humanities.

I've also recently become the Web Editor for In the Library with the Lead Pipe, an open access, open peer reviewed library journal.

Outside of that, I've hosted a college radio show on KUCR & WRUR, been in at least one band, and learned how to put into praxis many of the insights from my cultural studies & other reflective pursuits through participation in various do-it-ourselves communities. If you're looking for communities related to librarianship, you might start by checking out #critlib and Hack Library School, each of which I often look to for insights.


If all of this somehow leaves your curiosity unsated, here's my CV.

Recent Posts

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Can I make routinely time for these round-up posts this semester? Let’s find out, shall we? Links about journaling, pedagogy, and advocating for our patrons.

Critical Reflection #critlib chat

Critical reflection questions I ask myself and tools I find useful.

Featured Posts

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Why do I #critlib? Because another librarianship is possible.

Freire and Critical Librarianship

For Week One of the Critical Pedagogy MOOC MOOC, I write about Paolo Freire’s problem-posing method and its potential links to critical librarianship.